A smart solution to help boost productivity

VisionDE from Dynabook enhances the functionality of the dynaEdge.

Working in conjunction with an existing Skype for Business or Teams account, VisionDE provides a user interface perfectly suited to the resolution of the AR100 smartglass. It allows the wearer to easily navigate various menus, read documents, make assistance calls to an expert, capture video and photographs, and access work instructions. So, employees can complete their work, quickly and efficiently.

VisionDE is the client side of the solution. In the background, the Dynabook Mobile Management Console provides licence management; device management; user management; workflow creation, distribution, monitoring and management; geo-location alerts; and instant distribution and backups of document files such as video, pictures and PDFs, whenever the dynaEdge has internet connection – on or off the corporate network.

Empowering users to work faster and smarter

Empowering users to work faster and smarter

Key features

  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Easy-to-control features on the AR100 smartglass
  • Voice activated
  • Compatible with Skype for Business and Teams (appropriate account required separately)
  • Allows users to make remote expert calls
  • Offers document distribution and backup
  • Provides workflow instructions
  • Comes with Dynabook Mobile Management Console (provided within the usage licence) to manage users, devices and facilitate the enhanced features of VisionDE

How does it work with dynaEdge?

VisionDE provides a selection of different menus to allow the user to quickly complete any task. From “see-what-I-see” calls to an expert, Taskflows for work instructions with recorded output, distributing files to and from the dynaEdge for use in offline working, capturing of pictures and video and automated backup of saved files the VisionDE solution provides the confidence your workforce seek to complete their work.


Designed to work with the dynaEdge and AR100 glass VisionDE utilises your existing Skype for Business or TEAMS accounts to provide an easy to use interface for initiating and accepting calls. The latest update to VisionDE also now supports higher resolution displays and even Windows® tablet computers.

Discover more about how dynaEdge and VisionDE can transform your way of working and increase productivity.

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